English Summary

At Affenberg Salem nearly 200 Barbary macaques roam freely in a 20 ha forest. As you enter the park you can observe the monkeys living as they would in the Atlas mountains of Algeria and Morocco. A path guides you through the monkeys‘ home range in the middle of a beautiful forest. You can even feed the monkeys with gratis available popcorn. Be prepared to enter a different world of animal magic!

Guides are situated along the path to explain the monkeys‘ behaviour happening before your eyes. Why is this baby being carried by a male? What are the monkeys picking up from the ground? Where do they spend the winter? The guides have all the answers!

Affenberg Salem is great for close observations and offers incredible opportunities for photographers. The innovative concept is also highly appreciated by scientists as the park offers also great possibilities for behavioral studies. Many scientific publications and studies about Barbary macaques come from our park in Salem.

Raising awareness! One of the aims of our parks is to raise public awareness on the plight of the Barbary macaques. We are happy to welcome many visitors and schools from all over the country to give them information on this endangered species so they leave the park, not only having had a great day out, but also an awareness of the Barbary macaques needs in the wild.

Additional Attractions and General Information

A trail leads you around a large pond. You will immediately be fascinated watching the many water birds raising their chicks and the big carps. The path around this pond also leads you through an extended enclosure with free ranging fallow deer.

Affenberg Salem is also home for an amazing free flying colony of white storks. In spring and summer you will be able to observe the storks from close distance. Every year 28 pairs of white storks raise their chicks. In autumn most of our storks migrate to Africa and stay there until they return in early spring of the following year.

Affenberg Salem also offers a Self-Service Restaurant situated next to the Children’s Adventure Playground, a Souvenir Shop, rest rooms, including one for wheelchair users.

Parking is free.

The Affenberg can also be reached by using the Erlebnisbus, which connects Affenberg Salem with Schloss Salem, Salem railway station, Uhldingen Mühlhofen railway station, and Pfahlbaumuseum Uhldingen.